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To the Black flower people before us, we are because you were! We will continue to share the gifts of floral and plant beauty.

Selling flowers + FLORISTRY is not new for Black people; we have been here, even though this art was created by others to depict Blackness in floristry, it serves as a reminder that we have been an integral part of the industry for centuries.

We are doing this work collaboratively to lift ourselves out of poverty. Historically flowers have pulled many families out of the deepest poverty but not out entirely. We want to do this work, this labor, with love and joy, not the back-breaking pain of being crushed in capitalist systems.

Learning as we grow, Filled with Color explore a path for healing from the trauma of racism, poverty and sexual violence. We do not have the answers yet but please support us on our journey towards economic justice, liberation and collective healing.

Images: Above -St. Aretha Franklin, one of our floral foremothers. Below (from left) - Art by Elizabeth O’Neill, Aretha Franklin, Art by Frédéric Brazille

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