“Branch out into something marvelous”

Filled with Color believes in beauty and design as essential tools to reclaim our space and revitalize our spirit, using floral, plant, food, intimate/small event, and digital design. Check out our offerings, invite us into your experience!

One of the more toxic elements of our current capitalist system is the idea of productivity as the measure of success.  We must be moving, hustling, working, striving, and if we are not, we are undervalued.  It is time to take a break. Filled with Color takes a small step away from productivity for the sake of capitalism and from the exploitation of our bodies. We want to step towards self-determination and peace by slowing down and enjoying the beauty made by nature and our own hands. We are imagining worlds where our survivorship unlocks beauty, love, connection, and healing.

Purpose: We believe in the reclamation of space, time, and modes of expression/creation for healing and our collective liberation- no lie we are figuring out as we go our purpose, vision and mission is always a work in progress, exploration, and learning. What we know for sure is it is always rooted in love, compassion, and celebration. 

We offer beauty and design solutions at accessible prices.

Contribute to our collective tips jar, batter, or exchange, share gifts in exchange so we can spread this love all around!

Our Team


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